Recycling Collection: B-WEEK, Apr. 20th - Apr. 24th  2014-2015 Bi-Weekly Recycling Calendar 

NEWS: Manchester Transfer Station adds Textile Recycling on December 1, 2014 click here

NEWS: Additional Materials added for Curbside Recycling Collection on February 1, 2014 click here

NEWSStatewide Paint Recycling Law Takes Effect on July 1, 2013 click here

NEWS: Manchester Police Annouce a Permanent Prescription Medication Collection Box click here 

NEWS: Free Electronics Recycling now available to all Town Residents click here

NEWS: Public Recycling Locations Available for Town Residents click here


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New Solid Waste Ordinance Takes Effect on November 1, 2009, please click here

- The Town of Manchester provides bi-weekly, automated single-stream recycling collection, using town provided blue recycling carts. Residents are reminded that recycling collection is bi-weekly, or every other week, and should refer to the recycling calendar to determine their particular week of recycling collection, or they may look up their street by clicking here.

- For a list of what recyclable materials should be placed in your recycling cart, please click here.

- To determine what week you receive recycling collection, please click here.

- For information on all of the Town's residential curbside collection programs (Trash, Yard Waste & Bulk Waste)
please click here - Manchester Curbside Collection Programs

If you would like to submit questions/concerns/comments about Single Stream Recycling or other recycling matters, please email Brooks Parker or contact him at (860) 647-5279.

General Preparation Guidelines for Single-Stream Recycling:

  • All recyclable materials should be mixed loose in the blue recycling cart, no sorting or separation of recycled materials is necessary
  • Absolutely NO PLASTIC BAGS
  • Absolutely NO TRASH; trash is to be placed into the Green Trash Cart
  • Cardboard and Paperboard should be flattened to conserve space inside the recycling cart
  • Food and Beverage containers should be rinsed clean, a thorough washing is NOT required
  • Keep the Blue Recycling Cart lid closed to keep the recyclable materials dry
  • Shredded paper should be secured in a brown paper grocery bag

    Drop-Off Recycling Reminder: If you have an overflow of recyclable materials in your new Single-Stream Recycling Cart, there are three convenient drop-off recycling locations throughout the Town where any and all recyclables can be deposited at any time. Click here for more information.

    1. Town Hall - Parking Lot, 41 Center Street;
    2. Senior Center - Parking Lot, 549 East Middle Turnpike (separate box for soft/hardcover book recycling)
    3. Tolland Turnpike Fire Station - Corner of Deming Street, 331 Tolland Tpke;
    4. Also, during regular operating hours only: Manchester Transfer Station - 1 Landfill Way
      (separate boxes for telephone books and soft/hardcover books recycling at 263 Olcott Street).